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Netways Support Goals

Netways Support Goals


Netways Technical Support is part of the Netways Research and Development organization. Our goals and objectives are:​​​

  1. To direct customers to the most suitably qualified Technical Support Specialist in as short a time as possible.
  2. To encourage customers to use our solutions efficiently.
  3. To keep users informed of know​n problems in our software in a clear and timely way and wherever possible provide any known solutions.
  4. To provide a centralized repository of all customer call information to be used by other Netways Technical Support Specialists and Services Representatives when assisting our customers.

Our self-service web site allows users to search our resolution database, download patches, submit a question and review previously submitted cases. A Technical Support Maintenance Contract provides free product upgrades and telephone support for our supported products. Refer to our Technical Support FAQs for additional information.​

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