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​Our IT and management Consulting practices provide structured methodologies that enable an organization to rapidly assess the technology requirements of its business strategy. Once achieved, resources, information systems, investments and information technology planning are aligned to attain business objectives. Engagements are targeted to facilitate the realization of business objectives, through the application of strategic management methodologies provided and directed by senior industry consultants.

These highly inter-woven consultancy services offered include:

Target Consulting
A service of an entirely high-level approach that reviews an organization’s industry positioning, resource utilization, and corporate structure in relationship to solving technology-related business problems or finding and taking advantage of technology based business opportunities. This results in a strategy and an implementation plan.
Value of Target Consulting Service: It provides the client’s organization with a clear and concise company assessment resulting in business enhancement opportunities.

Effectiveness Assessment
Here’s where we examine and dissect IT management processes and techniques and compare these to a model of best practices in order to comprehend IT organizational strengths and weaknesses. Our senior consultants use a standardized survey interview technique to gather information on specific IT management components. Results are analyzed, and conclusions about the company’s IT effectiveness are presented.
Value of IT Effectiveness Assessment: It straightforwardly shows a clear assessment of organizational pros and cons in planning and delivering IT support that either meets and satisfies or fails and dissatisfies both the business objectives and customer requirements.

Business Process Guidance 
An in-depth study and analysis of a company’s operations from the ground up, including customer relationship management, supply chain, production, and administrative management is undertaken to optimize business processes and develop a plan to achieve and implement the optimization and goals, including process optimization and re-architecting, application software evaluation and/or replacement.
Value of Business Process Guidance: It provides management with in-depth insights into their business operation workflows, identifying directions, values and opportunities. It also helps in determining and taking appropriate actions to enhance business effectiveness.

Technology Services Consulting
Netways provides an intense and in-depth analytical study of an organization’s technology infrastructure and services in order to maximize the use and effectiveness of new technologies.
Value of Technology Services Consulting: It provides the client with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his firm’s Information systems requirements and gap analysis vis-à-vis business requirements. Application, platform and organizational planning within an overall IT strategy is a means of identifying, tracking and managing technology assets.
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