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​Netways Support FAQ

Q: Who are we?
The Netways Worldwide technical support center provides round-the-clock, reliable technical support services to customers, partners, resellers and distributors all over the world. Technical support may either be obtained via (TAC)Technical Support Call Center or online via our eServices, or via the main Netways Customer Care portal website (a login is required to access specialized information).


Q: How do I obtain help from Netways Technical Support Center?
There are different ways to access the Netways Technical Support Center TAC (Technical Support Call Center), Mobile, Email, SMS, NCCP. Our services are also available to customers, partners, resellers, and distributors in different service level packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum...etc. For security and authentication, we ask that you provide the maintenance Contract ID when you call.


Q: What is Netways' software warranty policy?
All software developed by the Netways development team is subject to scrutiny by our quality assurance team. We also extend a 3 Monthes (From JCC sign) warranty applicable as of the delivery date, which covers unlimited bugs and error fixing.


Q: What is Netways' warranty policy for Right Fax hardware Boards?
Data hardware is covered for 90 days from the date of shipment with advanced replacement for products that are dead on arrival (DOA). After 90 days, the hardware is eligible for return-to-factory (RTF) service. Repair is done ten days from the date of receipt at an Open Text repair site.


Q: What is Netways' warranty policy for hardware provided with the software solutions?
Hardware is covered for one year from the date of shipment with advanced replacement for critical parts that are dead on arrival (DOA). Return-to-Dealer (RTD) is available on all other parts that fail within the warranty year.


Q: How does Netways prioritize support cases?
Netways requests that customers provide the priority of every case reported. For your convenience, Netways has established the following definitions to help you determine your problem priorities:

  • Critical: Production system is down, resulting in critical impact on business operations - no workaround available.
  • High: a part or a service of the system is down; a Main function of the system does not work correctly which has an impact on production – workaround available.
  • Normal: System performance is slow, functions do not work as you wish; you need information or assistant on product feature/functionality, configuration, or installation.
  • New Requests: Not covered by SLA (Service Level Agreement) time frame.

    Q: How can I track the progress on my case?
    Netways customers with a Contract ID can login information to NCCP and track the progress of their case through NCCP itself. If you are a customer who has a service level agreement (SLA) and contact and do not have an NCCP login or have forgotten your password, please send an email to or with the following information included in your email: Company name and Contract ID number (if available) Contact name, phone number, fax number, and email address.

    Q: Can I get support from Netways Support Center if I don't have a service level agreement (SLA)?
    Yes, the Netways support center will help you if you don't have an SLA, fees of estimation to solve the issue depened on the rank required to solve the issue to be determine by Account Manager.

    Q: Can a Service level Agreement include professional Services (new Requirement – Change requests)?
    Yes, new Requirement/Change requests are covered in the SLA agreement if your inventory of hours allows you to do this. If not, you can buy additional Hours with your SLA to cover such requests. For more information, please contact our Sales Team on the following mail :

    Q: What is the process for Netways Support?
    Step 1. The Call comes into the Netways support center. The Customer must provide a support plan ID or CUST-ID to be serviced.
    Step 2. The Support Agent immediately verifies product warranty and/or Support plan type.
    Step 3. A case is opened and technical support is assigned.
    Step 4. If the customer does not have a warranty and/or Support plan, the Support Agent provides the customer with the following options: to purchase a Netways SLA and transfers the call to the Inside Sales, or to the account manager responsible for this account, or to a Service Representative to discuss service offerings.


Q: Who can I contact for more information?
Contact Technical Support Call Center (TAC): +966-1-8742444 or send an email with your inquiry to or

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